The Power of a PLN

This school year I implemented Genius Hour, and I wanted to include blogging as part of the reflective process. I am a firm believer in never asking my students to do anything that I wouldn’t do myself.  I started this blog as a way to practice so I could better assist my students. My first post was fairly easy to write. I was excited to be implementing this new approach to learning, so the ideas flowed. My second post came out of desperation. I had hit a wall with Genius Hour, and needed help from my mentor, Jody Green.

My third post…

My fourth post…

November and December passed without a single post. Why? Was I too busy? Possibly. Did my life as a mom get the best of me? Possibly. Did my class stop innovating? No. Did I start to doubt that I had something meaningful to contribute to the blogging world? Probably.

I recently joined #EdCampVoxer personalized PD sessions. One of the sessions focused on blogging. I was so inspired to return to blogging, but each time I sat in front of the keyboard I found that I had trouble writing. So many possibilities, but nothing sounded “right”. I have started this draft over so many times that I’ve lost count. Nothing seemed worthy of sharing with others, so I stopped once again.

My fear is twofold: 1) looking foolish and 2) nothing important to say.

I am not an expert. I don’t have all the answers. I am a math and language arts teacher who wants to be a role model for her students. I am here now because someone encouraged me to share.  Thank you David for taking the time to send me a message and provide encouragement. Your words were not only comforting, but inspiring.





4 thoughts on “The Power of a PLN

  1. Teresa, do what you can, when you can. I had those fears, too, and they’re still a teeny bit inside me, but now I write for ME. I write to reflect. After the first draft, I see if there’s something in there I can expand upon for readers. Since I hardly ever get comments on my posts (I have no clue if anyone’s actually READING them!), it’s good I have this attitude, or I would stop. Sometimes, you’ll get a surprise comment or something even more special that will keep you going – I had a student ask me for my leftover stickers the day after I asked at the end of my post, “What do I do with these?” THAT was awesome. It showed me that ANYone could be reading these posts, and it kicked my butt into gear once again. Enjoy reflecting for yourself – you’ll learn a TON!


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