2016: My One Word

As 2015 came to an end, everyone on social media began to focus on resolutions for the coming year. Personally, I don’t make resolutions. Why? I never keep them. Sad, but true.  After participating in #lhcsdchat I realized that I wasn’t alone.  Many of my colleagues were in the same boat. We vowed to set personal and professional goals and to hold each other accountable.

Although I am opposed to resolutions, I did start thinking about my goals for 2016. Reinvent. Explore. Grow. Collaborate. I realized that these are all possible, yet in isolation difficult to obtain. Then it hit me: #myoneword:


The last half of 2015 was focused on making changes. Changes in both my personal life and in my professional life. It was at this time that  I truly embraced Twitter as a means to grow as an educator. Prior to June I didn’t realize its value. Now it has become an invaluable resource.

Twitter has become a part of my classroom life this year. My 6th grade students and I have a class Twitter account so we can share our learning. Although it is still in its beginning stage, you can follow us @imsknights210 and using #tbhhonored (language arts) and #210scholars (math). The hashtags were chosen by my students since my goal for this year is to have a student-driven classroom.

My focus for 2016 is to Connect.

Connect with other educators and grow my PLN through Twitter and Voxer.

Connect with educators in my district and at my site.

Connect with family and friends.

2016 will no doubt bring many opportunities to learn something new


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