Bedtime Stories

Day 11: publishing based on a prompt

This assignment was more challenging than I envisioned. I scrolled through the suggested prompts at least ten times. Now I know how my students feel. I looked at each prompt and thought, “Seriously? This has nothing to do with me” or “How am I supposed to write about that?”

Thankfully I found a prompt that asked me to think about a bedtime story and its influence on me.

Rather than focus on myself, I am going to turn my energy to my son.

One of my favorite parts of my day is getting to read with my six-year-old. He has quite an eclectic collection of favorite books.

He enjoys the strong characters who face off in battle, the silly characters who never seem to learn from their many mishaps, and the “educational” books that teach him a lesson. My son loves hearing the daring adventures and the silly tales. I enjoy listening to him as he predicts what will happen next. I love that he challenges the characters and wonders “why”. As a parent this makes me proud. As a language arts teacher, I love the rich vocabulary and varied sentence structure that these stories provide. (I’ve even been known to use them in my classroom.)

I look forward to spending countless hours lost in books with my son. Each story provides an opportunity to learn something new



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